Where is my…waltz?

SATB choir empathise about how easy it is to forget where we put everyday things

SATB choir with piano accompaniment

Text: Adelaide poet Althea Leonard

Why is classical music always so serious? In Where is my…waltz? Becky takes a light-hearted look at the very human experience of everyday temporary memory loss. How many of us struggle to remember where our keys are or where we put the car in a shopping centre?

With words by Althea Leonard and a lively counterpoint accompaniment, Becky explores the bittersweet experience of our sometimes-elusive memory. Audiences have had many giggles at sharing this common experience hearing this lovely choral giggle.

Written in 2019, this 4-minute piece is for medium to advanced SATB choirs who can hold their line while the pianist is doing their own thing.

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Where to buy

You can purchase Where is my….waltz? directly from Becky by emailing her: