Wanted: a miscellaneous madrigal

Looking for love – a modern madrigal for SATB choir

SATB a capella choir or accompanied

Text: random miscellaneous ads selected by Becky Llewellyn

Audiences love the humour and pathos of this simple choral piece with its eternal subject. Wanted is Becky’s first piece of writing in 1986. At that time, people wrote in the ‘miscellaneous’ column of the paper to find partners. The text is actual ‘wanted’ ads; the music, little modern madrigal riffs from her Casio keyboard, underlining the mass produced, almost cliched feel, of these heartfelt, often cheeky ads.

Written in 1986, this 4-minute piece is suitable for community SATB choir, either a capella or doubling piano.

Listen to a sample of Wanted with the Open Score Singers

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You can purchase Wanted directly from Becky by emailing her: