from ‘Desert Songs’: Unrefined

Mezzo-soprano and piano duet on the raw elemental power of women

Mezzo soprano and piano accompaniment

Text: Pat Mora

Deceptively simple yet resonant poetry by Pat Mora explores womanhood and identity. Becky set three of her poems about women as deserts for mezzo-soprano and piano in the song cycle: ‘Desert Songs’ written between 1992-1995.

The first written, Unrefined, begins with the line: “The desert is no lady.” A vibrant percussive piano underlies a dynamic, free-wheeling vocal line. 

Written in 1992, this 3-minute song is suitable for advanced singers and pianists and will delight most women who hear it to the end.

Listen to a sample of Unrefined with Jeannie Marsh and Diana Harris

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Where to buy

The score Unrefined is normally available at the Australian Music Centre but it is closed because of the coronavirus outbreak. You can read more about Unrefined at:

Australian Music Centre

You can purchase Unrefined directly from Becky by emailing her:

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