This Moment, Forever

Laid-back love song for baritone with piano

Baritone and piano

Text: Janie Roberts

Becky wrote this love song for weddings and anniversaries for couples experiencing the joy of later love. It celebrates her wedding to her second husband, Marty Cielens, with lyrics adapted from her beloved sister-in-law Janie Roberts, a wonderful jazz singer in California. 

This Moment, Forever has a laid-back but quiet joy in the amazing surprises of life’s cycles – finding love again. 

Written in 2009, this 4-minute song is suitable for weddings, anniversaries or celebrations of love in for any couple young at heart. It is suitable for medium-advanced singers and accompanists.

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Where to buy

The score This Moment, Foreveris normally available at the Australian Music Centre but it is closed because of the coronavirus outbreak. You can read more about This Moment, Forever at:

Australian Music Centre

You can purchase This Moment, Forever directly from Becky by emailing her:

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