from ‘Soul Architecture’: The Church-Floor

SATB sacred music to inspire your faith

SATB a capella choir or vocal quartet

Text: George Herbert

In the third work in the ‘Soul Architecture’ cycle of George Herbert’s metaphysical poems, Becky explores the literal foundation of the church, its floor, portraying God as the Architect of both the church and our hearts. 

The imagery of black and white marble suggested an alternation of major and minor keys. Becky wrote to the strengths of the singers in Syntony, who commissioned the piece. The figured bass style and the floating melismatic lines are hallmarks of the finest a capella singing.

Written in 2002, this 5-minute piece is suitable for advanced a capella ensembles. It completes the ‘Soul Architecture’ series of sacred music.

Listen to a sample of The Church-Floor by Syntony

The Church-Floor

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Where to buy

You can purchase The Church-Floor directly from Becky by emailing her: