from ‘Soul Architecture’: The Altar

SATB sacred music to make your heart ache

SATB a capella choir or vocal quartet

Text: George Herbert

The Altar, first in Becky’s ‘Soul Architecture’ song cycle, is a ‘shape poem’ by the 17th century mystic priest, George Herbert. The words are set in the shape of a table, the Lord’s Table, and the letter ‘I’ as the central podium. 

The Altar is a searingly personal cry for connection and redemption, focusing on our brokenness as individuals. Becky has echoed Herbert’s technique of structure and choice of materials with music.

The Altar, although not explicitly about communion, addresses the great mystery and promise of Jesus’ sacrifice in moving us into a relationship with our creator where each heart is not alone.

Written in 1989, this 4-minute piece is suitable for advanced a capella choirs and was premiered by Syntony. It is the first in the Soul Architecture series.

Listen to a sample of The Altar by Syntony

The Altar

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