from ‘Last Poems’: Song of Death

Celebrating the power and necessity of death for mezzo-soprano with viola or clarinet in A

Mezzo soprano and viola or clarinet

Text: D.H. Lawrence

The song cycle ‘Last Poems’ is made from three songs on death and dying, by D.H. Lawrence who was dying when he wrote ‘Song of Death’.

In 1994, Becky was approached by the wonderful mezzo-soprano Lauris Elms, to re-cast her ‘Last Poems’ song cycle so she could sing it with her daughter, clarinettist Deborah de Graaff. The combination of the voice and clarinet is equally as magnetic as that of the original voice and viola.

Song of Death is a strong choice, appropriate for funerals and memorial services for exceptional individuals and for musicians who are mourning. 

Written originally in 1990, this 3-minute song is suitable for advanced musicians.

Listen to a sample of Song of Death with Lauris Elms and Deborah de Graff

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Where to buy

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