September Requiem

Requiem for September 11th 2001 for carillon


The jet attacks on the New York World Trade Centre in September 2001 with the loss of over 3,000 people deeply seared Becky. She had recently been at the base of the wonderful bells of the National Carillon in Canberra and was moved by their evocative physical and auditory healing power. 

Working with the expert player of the instrument, Lyn Fuller, who helped with technical advice, Becky wrote this work in memory of the scarring event. September Requiem evokes the profound sense of mourning, deep bells resonating their sadness.

Written in 2001, this 6-minute elegy is suitable for any advanced carillonist. 

Listen to a sample of September Requiem

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Where to buy

You can purchase September Requiem directly from Becky by emailing her: