Reformation Liturgy

New responses for sung worship in the 21st century for congregation and organ

Church sung liturgy for celebrant and congregation with organ (guitar chords) and optional flute or small orchestra

Becky wrote this set of worship sung responses in memoriam of 500 years since Martin Luther’s Reformation began a Protestant tradition. Comprised of 12 pieces including: Invocation, Lord, Have Mercy, Glory to God, Hallelujah round, Gospel, Offertory, Preface, Holy, Holy, Holy, Christ Has Died, Lamb of God, Alleluia and Blessing. 

For congregations looking for tuneful and meaningful new responses in English, this is a very welcome addition to worship resources. An a capella version in audio files here has been recorded to aid learning by all which is available from the composer:  

Written in 2017 for the St Stephens Lutheran Church in Adelaide, the total 12 pieces spans 13-minutes. Most responses are very short and can be learned by a congregation one at a time before worship until they become familiar and loved. 

Listen to a sample of Glory to God with the Leigh Newton family

Glory to God

Listen to a sample of Offertory with the Leigh Newton family


Listen to a sample of Lord, Have Mercy with the Leigh Newton family

Lord, Have Mercy


Becky talks about the Reformation Liturgy with Emily Sutherland

Reformation Liturgy Podcast

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Where to buy

You can purchase the Reformation Liturgy directly from Becky by emailing her: