Merri Berri Waltz

Australian bird-song for carillon


The inspiration for the Merri Berri Waltz came from a camping trip at the River Murray National Park near Berri, South Australia. The birds were exquisite, especially the dawn chorus. After that trip, Becky transcribed their bell-like calls for the carillon bells. Australia has many bell-sounding birds, but in Canberra and in Sydney, people are also lucky enough to hear the substantial carillon bells. 

Merri Berri Waltz is a celebration of the incredible sonic legacy of our Australian eco-system which has been heard now in Canberra and Barcelona.

Written in 2017, the 3-minute piece is suitable for any advanced carillonist. It was commissioned by Lyn Fuller for performance by Thomas Laue as part of the Australian Miniatures project. Thanks to Thomas for helping shape the work for the special demands of a carillon player.

Listen to a sample of Merri Berri Waltz played by Thomas Laue

Merri Berri Waltz

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Where to buy

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