from ‘The Mallee Sings’: Mallee Courage

Move through hardship to endurance with courage and resilience and choral strength with SATB choir and woodwind solo

SATB choir, piano, clarinet in A or soprano saxophone

Text: Flexmore Hudson

Mallee Courage, the finale of ‘The Mallee Sings’ suite, starts with the challenging hardship of the landscape in a piano solo, then invokes the silent courage of the mallee plain. It moves into a stirring waking of the spirit by the inspirational ending.

Mallee Courage, demonstrating the Australian character to overcome adversity with courage, can be performed individually or as part of the whole cycle, ‘The Mallee Sings’.

Written in 1993, this 5-minute work is a salute to the bush and those who have lived through its many moods. It is a quintessentially Australian piece for SATB choir. A good accompanist and woodwind player are required. It was commissioned by Russell Larkin for the Adelaide Chorus.  

Listen to a sample of Mallee Courage

by Adelaide Chorus

Listen to a podcast about composing ‘The Mallee Sings’ with Becky Llewellyn and Andrew Ford on The Music Show ABC RN

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