Kali’s Laugh

Reflections on fire’s searing powerfor chamber ensembles

Original version: Clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion (anklung, bamboo chimes, sandpaper blocks, tabla, vibraphone, timpani). Shorter version: flute, tenor saxophone, percussion, piano, cello

Kali’s Laugh came to Becky as the result of seeing a favourite bush-walking site she had loved being consumed by bushfire. The pain of that loss seared her. She created four interconnected movements from Indian and Australian stories about the healing power of fire. The standard western view is to fear fire, but Kali, the goddess of love and destruction, laughs as she sets landscape on fire, knowing fire can bring new life.

Written in 1989, it was originally over 13 minutes, commissioned and performed by the Seymour Ensemble. In 2018, Becky abridged this four-movement piece into a shortened 8 ½ minute version with three movements (before, during and after). It was her contribution to the mentoring project, Summers Night Project, where she mentored composer Rachel Bruerville. It is suitable for advanced and professional ensembles.

Listen to a sample of Kali’s Laugh with Seymour Ensemble

Listen to a sample of Kali’s Laugh with Tura New Music and Soundstream

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Where to buy

Kali’s Laugh is available from the iTunes Music Store – Apple Music.

Kali’s Laugh is also on the Move CD, Milerum’s Basket CD can be purchased online through Buywell Music  which offers secure online ordering.

You can purchase the music directly from Becky by emailing her: