In the Dark Times

Affirmation of singing, even in the dark times

Soprano 1 and 2 and alto with piano

In the Dark Times is Llewellyn’s first musical response to the COVID pandemic. Inspired by Bertolt Brecht’s pithy text, she imagined herself back into the Berlin of Brecht’s dark times to create this sultry women’s trio. As a cross-over jazz/classical piece, it is a defiant piece of choral writing that insists on the power of singing in the world.  

Written in 2020, this 4-minute piece is suitable for a skilled women’s SSA choir or women’s trio with accompanist.

Premier by the Icon Trio in historic St Kilda East house on 18 April 2021
Socially distanced performance by Icon Trio with Robert Chamberlain. Mixed by audio engineer James Hodson

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Where to buy

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