III – Song Web from Sticks and Stones: after Andy Goldsworthy

Ethereal sounds for bass marimba 

Bass marimba and mushroom heads

Song Web inhabits a sacred space Becky experienced seeing Andy Goldsworthy’s web of grape-vine prunings woven into a curtain in the middle of an exhibition room with no other visible means of support than the web itself. A large central hole, which appeared to have nothing in it, took her to a vortex experience where it appeared full of cosmic light. 

Ryszard Pusz helped find the right mushroom head wooden sticks on marimba to duplicate this spiritual experience musically, as the chords ring with eerie overtones and undertones, all from sticks on sticks. It requires superb smooth technique from the performer.

Written in 1993, Song Web is a 4 ½ minute piece is suitable for an advanced student or professional percussionist. It was commissioned by Ryszard Pusz. 

Listen to a sample of III – Song Web by Ryszard Pusz

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Where to buy

Song Web is available from the iTunes Music Store – Apple Music.

Song Web is also on the Move CD, Milerum’s Basket CD can be purchased online through Buywell Music  which offers secure online ordering.

You can purchase Song Web directly from Becky by emailing her: