II – Song Line from Sticks and Stones: after Andy Goldsworthy

Performance piece with Indigenous Australian clap-sticks and similar shaped ringing rocks

Wooden clap sticks and ringing rocks

In II – Song Line, the second of her series for percussion, Sticks and Stones: after Andy Goldsworthy, Becky brings wood and stone into the hands of the percussionist. She describes actions to make a ceremonial ‘dance’ from the highest to the lowest stance, with high and low pitches from the wood and stone defining the repetitions and actions. It is a stunning, thought-provoking work for performer and listener at what can be achieved musically with extremely basic instruments.

Written in 1993, this 2-minute work would suit an advanced student or professional and was commissioned by Ryszard Pusz in 1993.

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Score is freely available here for percussionists to perform. You can read more about Sticks and Stones at:

Australian Music Centre

You can discuss II – Song Line from Sticks and Stones with Becky by emailing her: