Fire Tiger

Piano solo, trapped like a caged tiger

Solo piano

Confinement is conducive to fantasy. Australia has a long history of confining people in places like Port Arthur and the Female Factory in Hobart where this piece was commissioned to be premiered. Children’s ‘homes’, detention centres and prisoner of war camps have followed this Australian tradition.

Until recently, these have been blind spots on our nation’s psyche. We now empathise with their outer living conditions but what of their inner lives? In Fire Tiger Becky invites the listener through this dynamic piano solo inside the skin of a tiger, another creature often confined but once free. 

Written in 2000, this 6-minute piano solo suits an advanced player (AMEB A.Mus.A.) The piece was commissioned by and dedicated to pianist Gabriella Smart for performance at Port Arthur’s derelict cathedral at the first Ten Days on an Island in Tasmania in 2001.

Listen to a sample of Fire Tiger played by Gabriella Smart

Read Becky’s article on the premiere performance of Fire Tiger at Port Arthur, Tasmania.

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