Five dances for viola solo with Cuban dance forms

Solo viola

If JS Bach had been Juan Sebastian Bacque from Cuba, what might his dances have sounded like? In DanceDanceDance for solo viola, Becky plays with the wonderful world of Cuban dance forms to create five movements that show off both the wonderful tonality of the instrument and the talents of its enthusiasts. The five works: Paso Doble, Tango, Habanera, Rumba and Sandunga, can be played as a suite or separately.

Written in 1998, this suite is 7-minutes long and suits an advanced or tertiary student. It was commissioned by Gabrielle Bond for performance at her graduate recital at Flinders Street School of Music, Adelaide, on 23 November 1998.

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Where to buy

You can purchase the score and cello part for DanceDanceDance directly from Becky by emailing her: