Soothing lullaby to calm you for chamber ensemble

Bb clarinet, violin or viola, cello, piano or string quartet

This gently rocking lullaby has been performed more than any of Becky’s work and contains her favourite instruments. It has been said of the piece, “It makes me homesick for somewhere I’ve never been.” The simplicity of the materials provides scope for each of the musicians to play with their voice rising and falling, as if they were waves of the sea sparkling with moonlight on their crest.

Written in 1989, this 6-minute piece is suitable for capable secondary school, university students and professionals.

Listen to a sample of Berceuse with Lights Ensemble

Podcast about Berceuse with Becky and Grahame Dudley

Berceuse chamber score
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Where to buy

Berceuse is available from the iTunes Music Store – Apple Music.

Berceuse is also on the Move CD, Milerum’s Basket CD can be purchased online through Buywell Music  which offers secure online ordering.

You can purchase the music directly from Becky by emailing her:

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