Barossa Girl

String Quartet

Finished in June 2021, Becky’s Barossa Girl is a string quartet tribute to Becky’s dear friend Ruth Prescott who died in 2019. Becky was commissioned to write this 15 minute work reflecting Ruth’s spirit and her joy of life by Ruth’s husband, Kelvyn Prescott OAM.

This four movement work spans a life, from childhood in a big family, through her love of those close to her, her incredible work ethic, leadership and contribution in South Australia caring for people who were vulnerable. The final movement is a tribute to her strong faith in facing a terminal illness in her mid-60s.

It is Llewellyn’s musical portrait of her friend, but also a journey we each make through the many wondrous stages of life’s unfolding.

The string quartet is the perfect instrumental ensemble to reveal these many life colours, full of feeling as the various movements unfold with the four intertwining voices. The music suits a professional quartet.

Early listeners have found the work ‘joyful, captivating…haunting’.

Ruth Prescott portrait
by Rae Kempe
Cover art – Jakob Stengel

Barossa Girl for String Quartet

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