from ‘Last Poems’: All Souls’ Day

Wisdom on assisting your loved ones to depart lovingly for mezzo-soprano and viola or clarinet

Mezzo soprano and viola or clarinet in A

Text: D.H. Lawrence

Inevitably, composers will have favourite works. Becky loves All Souls’ Day – both the text and the music. She used the inspiration of the text to plan the mariner’s farewell to the ashes of her first husband, Richard Llewellyn AM, into the sea in front of their home.

All Souls’ Day is a benediction to departed souls with guidance on how those left behind can equip their departed mariners lovingly. Becky uses bare musical accompaniment of one instrument so listeners can immerse themselves in D.H. Lawrence’s words:

“For the soul has a long, long journey after death to the sweet home of pure oblivion. Each needs a little ship, a little ship and the proper store of meal for the longest journey.”

Written in 1990 for viola and mezzo duet (or counter-tenor) and adapted in 1994 for mezzo and clarinet duet, this 5-minute art song is suitable for advanced musicians.

Listen to a sample of All Souls’ Day with Lauris Elms and Deborah de Graff

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